A Memorable Day!

Yesterday was an unforgettable day!

My Dad, Retd. Joint Director of Works & Accounts, has successfully completed his MA (Philosophy) from Osmania University; his long-awaited dream fulfilled. At the age of 65 (at which it’s a difficult task holding a pen and writing hours together), he outperformed youngsters with his ever-lasting zeal to explore knowledge.

Love you Nanna! 🙂


Great Show Team India – The World Champions! You proved it!

Not only here… not just there… It’s there everywhere… My only question is why doesn’t the Government declare Cricket as India’s national game?

Prime Ministers of both the nations – Pakistan and India, and the high-profile people like Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Bollywood stars and Business Magnets were present at the marvelous show. A  rare occasion! It was such a delight watching it.

Nonetheless, Cricket fever affected the poor who have to necessarily work everyday to feed themselves and their family.  Their business was the worst hit. One chikoo seller today looked very disappointed as his Maal was not sold and he had to sell them at a lower price than what he usually gets. Probably, these are the people who hate Cricket.

Rest all – people who are associated with corporate world, retired people, children…almost all have got good entertainment.

Sriram (5 and half years old) got to know that it’s a India Vs Pak match 🙂 and was so elated that he wanted to hear the result and only then go to bed. That was the kind of hype he heard from everyone around him for the match.

All in all, Congratulations Team India and all the Cricket lovers.  All the Best for the finals!!

What a mov(i)e?

Slumdog Millionare, the celluloid depiction of Mumbai slums and the circumstances the children there in go through, is successful in winning 8 Oscar Awards; additionally,  in drawing International attention to Indian slums and poverty.

Certainly, India has been in an ever-increasing focus for its competencies and there by put under check by the developed nations. Is it not an appropriate time for familiarizing slums (only) in India on Oscar stage?

An episode analogous to this:  In 1927, Katherine Mayo, an American journalist wrote a book Mother India highlighting the plight of women in India. It described Mayo’s belief that India was not ready for independence either. It became a bestseller. But in India, it created a storm of protest. Around a dozen of books were published with titles like Father India, Sister India, A son of Mother India Answers,………….. all in retort to Mayo’s report. Number of rebuttals floated up focusing western culture. There were protests all over. She was blamed for painting India in a bad light.

I’ve gone through few pages of the book. Definitely, the modern Indian woman can not just digest the then realities of her intimates (if at all those were the facts). But, one can perceive the intentions with which the book was written. Personally, I feel the whole ignominy (though) did some good to Indian women. It was an eye-opener and the minimum age for marriage was raised to 14 for girls and 18 for boys after the release of her book.

Again India is through global lens for some different stories. Times have changed.  Now, Indians have grown more broad-minded. They can easily adopt western cultures, yet adapt themselves for revolts too. They definitely can not tolerate interference of Ramsena in their lives and start a campaign against it and can popularize very much.  No issues with that campaign. However, I feel this issue also needs another such campaign. Just an idea… to the leaders of that campaign.. I congratulate them on their success.. and request them to take up this issue too… 🙂 But, I wonder how many of them really feel the pain that India is shown in negative light and for the usage of objectionable word in the title?

The film’s screenwriter Simon Beaufoy said in interviews that he just liked the word… ‘Slumdog’; Just like the word? And used the word ‘dog’?

No doubt, our competencies have also been recognized internationally. I certainly congratulate the award-winners.

The other day, as part of my routine I was browsing through net and really taken aback by few realities….

US dumps toxic waste in Indian ports..

For five yrs, this massive toxic oil pile is sitting in a Mumbai port – –

Britain dumps its garbage on Indian soil

India Becomes Dumping Ground along with few other developing nations for UK’s Toxic E-Waste

Who is responsible for all this? Developed nations impose all weird conditions on developing countries like India for their safety, to get over their insecurity, and to continue their supremacy for decades.. if possible for centuries together. Keep your countries very clean, throw the dirt on others, and then make movies and money throwing few dollars/pounds.

Hmmn.. A bit relief: There is an SMS in circulation.. “credit of oscars must go to congress, because without congress, there would not have been slums in India after 62 years of Independence”; and a news too that congress takes the credit for SDM’s success. Think about it… 🙂

BTW,  I wish all women,  “Happy International Women’s Day 2009!”


Summing up life in 2008

Bombay terrorist Attacks

Brida by  Paulo Coelho

The worst financial crisis of the decade – its upshots

Veronica decides to die by  Paulo Coelho

Satyam fiasco

Ramsena and the…campaign

And, then.. Slumdog Millioinaire

The list is long. All these could have been posts of this blog..  but, change is there everywhere.. in my interests, perceptions,  responsibilities and preferences too.   I’ve been writing everyday… but not here in this blog.. Wanted to update it, my first space online, with happenings of life and my interests..

Coming to the list again… summing up life in 2008 – I avoided deliberately.., the first thing stuck in mind was… Raju’s death…

Colleagues for just 3 or 4 months, we did not interact much.. Still, the way his life ceased…  made an impression.. even today, when I see a baby girl, our last conversation about his daughter’s first year birthday plans – come to my mind. An sms.. related to his sudden illness is still there in my mobile..I have not deleted it.. till now..

In this week, about 4 days back, strangely.. when I opened my gmail..(not gtalk) in the chat window, raju_narsingoji@……….com (the only id of him I have.. to which I sent my sister’s wedding invitation which took place on March 2nd of 2008) … was the only id appeared..  the entire list was filled with only one id.. but, multiple times.. scrolled the cursor up and down.. no other id was there.. I just did not care.. and refreshed the page… and, then it was normal. Then, it happened for the second time in this week – yesterday… as usual, I refreshed the page.. and then it was normal…. Suddenly I thought, let me check once..why did it happen..?   I  scrolled down.. to my surprise.. his id was not at all there in the list… I checked it again.. and again.. but, the result was same..

Probably, a technical issue.. which I  do not understand.. but, I felt strange..

Will stop here.. my mind is filled with questions… about life and death and life after death..

Will continue… with other things…

Happy New year 2009!

Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year 2009!

Courtesy: Karunakar and Sateesh

Hi! Wishing you…

HAPPY CHRISTMAS! May your life be filled with the colours of Love & JOY!

Courtesy:  Karunakar, my colleague. (As I wanted to wish some of my friends on this occasion, he prepared it on my request. 🙂 Thank you, Karunakar!)